Owner of Photography by Skylar Rae

As a devoted Minnesotan I enjoy everything outdoors & especially the smell of fresh air. I embrace all things the Minnesota seasons have to offer. You can find me on a hike through the woods, road trips to the lake, consumed by campfire conversations or on some spontaneous day adventure. You know, those days where you wake up with nothing on the calendar, but somehow when the sun goes down the day was filled with adventure and laughter? Those are the best days. But most of all, I enjoy sharing these things with my favorite humans & my camera!

If our paths have ever crossed at one time or another, you have most likely heard me speak passionately about my latest craft, my photography business, supporting other businesses, or working directly with people who have similar business interests. Then I discovered a way to tie all these things together.

Art & design has always been an interest of mine, & now I’m so excited to share that with you. I believe strongly in supporting the local small business system, not only because I am a part of that system, but that system creates a community. I am so thankful for my community & referral team (AKA my family & friends). They have help me bring my art & design to you!